Huge snake falls off the roof in gym in Australia

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The snake was there for two days as the unsuspecting gym owner thought a rodent had come in through the hole.

The snake didn't create much trouble for people who came to relocate it because it was full (Photo: Facebook)

One of the most scary creatures that have given nightmares to people for ages, snakes can be spotted in the wild or at times may sneak into houses from narrow openings, but a snake falling from above is the last thing anyone would suspect.

Perhaps this is why Chantal Vaughan from Australia didn’t pay much attention to a hole in her gym’s roof, assuming that a rodent may have entered from there. But she was shocked when her cleaner called her saying that it wasn’t anything to be taken lightly since a huge snake had fallen inside through her roof.

Chantal shared pictures of the guest, who was always around for two days with no one suspecting as classes went on. She also wrote that it didn’t create any trouble for those who relocated it, but attributed the good behaviour to the snake clearly appearing full.