Girl Gang Foreva!

The Asian Age.  | Priya Rathnam

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Be it a heartbreak or a promotion, they are always there by your side! This study says that your girl gang can contribute to your well-being!

A clip from the movie Girl’s Trip, where a group of best friends go on a trip.

An all girl’s squad is absolute fun, believes Bengaluru hudugis. That feeling of letting your hair down and not trying to impress anyone is the best. A survey by the University of California states that  women are at their best when they go out and meet friends frequently.

The study also says that gossip and social interaction can help bring out that radiance hidden inside. So, a fun night of gossip, banter and girlie stuff can actually make you function sane at work!

We caught up with some pretty girls from the city to understand their definition of an all girls gang. While some believed it is fun a few others expressed how important their girl’s days out are!

Priya Gattani, manual tester in a company believes that spending time with her girlfriends definitley boots her mood! She says, “I feel free and can openly put forth my thoughts when I’m with my girl gang. Women’s Day this year was all about girls from work, yummy food and gossip! We had the time, of our lives. We can experience an awesome conversation  with like-minded people and that is my girl gang. Come weekend we sweat it out on the dance floor,  and binge on our favourites to maintain the balance. We also indulge in shopping and have mini ramp walks beside the trial room.”

Tanusheree Dwiwedi, lead vocalist in a music bandshares that her girl gang is a blessing. “A very sub-set of people is my girl squad. I can instantly connect with people and few become friends for life. I ensure to meet the girls every once in a while and keep up with my long distant besties via video calls. The unconditional love somethered by my girl besties is what keeps my spirits high. When I catch up with my squad we end up talking for hours about  the top flicks released, books or we end up jamming to our favourite songs! The best plans are the spontaneous movie night sleepovers where pizza makes a special guest appearance.”

Meghna Vakada, restaurateur who prioritises friends over travel  says, “My job in hospitality sector also requires a lot of socializing and I end up making friends or meeting like-minded people. I ensure to take the friendship forward with fun meetings and hang outs. From human behavior, to our darkest fears, current affairs,  movies or series that we watched and more, we speak about anything and everything under the sun!”

She also adds, “Stepping out of my mundane lifestyle and catching up with friends is always healthy for me. It rejuvinates me and helps me to open up when I have to talk about things. Different perspectives around you will allow you to voice your perspective with confidence and even helps to find a solution. You will come out of any situation, which bothers you with the help of these girl gangs.”