Soumyabrata Giri’s incredible journey as an entrepreneur

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Soumyabrata has discovered his love for the internet and blogging at an early age of 16

Soumyabrata Giri

Pursuing entrepreneurship in a career is the decision that not everyone can take. For most people, it comes with a lot of risks. But Soumyabrata Giri knows that taking risks in life is more important than what people think. And these risks have landed him to become one of the youngest influential digital marketers who is now the founder and CEO of two marketing companies.

Pursuing an engineering degree from a college in Bhubaneswar, Soumyabrata has discovered his love for the internet and blogging at an early age of 16. And little did he know that he will become the successful entrepreneur and owner and CEO of two digital marketing firms.

As he grows up, he kept on writing blogs while offering digital marketing services to various clients and around the world. The combination of his business-oriented mindset and years of knowledge has led him to become a full-time expert under his company, ‘Social Army.’

It is a digital marketing firm that offers various internet and marketing services to both small and big companies, celebrities, or anyone who wants to grow their online presence. With his years of proven marketing techniques and knowledge, he aims to help businesses thrive their online presence at extremely competitive rates.

Whether a business company or startup wants to grow their engagement and fan base on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, his company provides all kinds of social media marketing solutions at the cheapest price. To date, the Social Army has satisfied over 18,000 clients in India and around the world. Many of these clients include big companies and renowned celebrities.

Not only this, but he is also the founder and CEO of a hosting company that goes by the name Hostropia. Through this company, he provides several normal and high-end web hosting services, such as cloud hosting, Linux hosting, and virtual servers. Under each of these hosting services, people can choose different plans as per their budget and requirements. Recently, the company has also started offering website design and development services at attractive prices.

Soumyabrata’s combination of technical knowledge along with the marketing skills has made him the youngest and influential digital marketer in India. He believes that if you have the required skills and knowledge demanded in the market, then you can become a successful entrepreneur.

The social media marketing specialist and CEO of two companies has already become successful in many ways.