I Am Boleyn to bring the best of music amid the coronavirus crisis

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In light of the lockdown, people across the globe are staying at home to combat the deadly virus

I Am Boleyn

2020 will be the year remembered by the entire world. The strong force of coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. It has devastated many businesses and hampered the world economy. The creative personalities are putting in their best foot forward by bringing something new to entertain the audiences. Pop synth artist, I Am Boleyn whose major gigs and events got cancelled is doing all she can on the virtual space. The artist was all set to perform at Photo London at Somerset House which has got postponed.

In light of the lockdown, people across the globe are staying at home to combat the deadly virus. However, Photo London has now organized a virtual tour of the gallery for the guests. I Am Boleyn will be a part of the virtual tour and join in the online conversation where she will perform and talk about music and art. It has been scheduled for June 19. “Performing virtually has its own struggles but it is also fun. The impact is not that powerful as being on stage. However, the current situation has forced the artists to perform virtually”, she said.

I am Boleyn who spent her usual time with music and songwriting at FMLY Sthlm in Sweden, is now working virtually with her group. Speaking about the same, she quoted, “In terms of writing music, I have realized how lucky we are to be able to do so many things online.” Even during the lockdown, she is working for the release of her new single. Her debut summer single, ‘In Between’, a fun dance song is said to release on June 26. She believes that the song will encourage positivity in these bad times. Not just this, on July 3 she also plans to release the remix of her popular song ‘Just Friends’ by Italian DJ Tokyo Project.

“You don’t have to be in a nightclub to listen to dance music”, says the artist. While it is not known for how long the lockdown will continue, but I Am Boleyn hopes to continue to write and share music under any capacity to keep her fans entertained. The music artist looks forward to collaborating with other artists in person and wants to perform again in a room full of people after the pandemic comes to an end.