This gold plated toilet created with 24 Louis Vuitton bags is bizarre

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The artist took three months to finish the toilet which isn't just a work of art and is meant to be a fully functioning toilet.

The toilet is priced at around Rs 65 lakh (Photo: YouTube)

People across the world like to splurge on products introduced by luxury brands. But sometimes people can spend on the most bizarre products in a bid to show off their extravagant lifestyle.

Celebrities and the superrich have in the past shown a tendency to go for items like gold toilets, escalators and cars. This is why it isn’t surprising that a designer toilet made from Louis Vuitton bags and gold has hit the markets as it’s available for close to Rs 65 lakh.

The gold plated commode made from 24 signature Louis Vuitton bags was created by artist Illma Gore who spent three months working on it. The bags were sourced from a designer resale site and while the commode may seem like an artwork, Illma has made it to be a fully functioning toilet.

The toilet is currently being displayed at the Tradesy showroom in California.