7 dog breeds that can help you sleep

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If you feel scared or lonely at bedtime, let these furry fellows help you.

A good night's sleep is a dog away. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

“I want a dog!” are probably few of the most commonly spoken words all around the world, irrespective of the language. Dogs definitely make for reasonably well companions: as homebodies, or as play mates. Now, you have particular dog breeds to help you sleep better! For instance, if you feel scared at night while sleeping, you can go for a protective dog breed.

“If it's more of an issue of needing companionship, really any breed of dog would work well, but [you may want to] gravitate towards dogs known for being more affectionate,” said Mychelle Blake, a certified dog behaviour consultant. Here are 7 dog breeds that can help you get sleep better, according to Bustle:

1. Pit Bulls

Pit bulls have that unique personality where they tend to look rugged and cute at the same time. Sarah Fraser, co-founder of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training said, "Many Pit bulls we meet treat snuggle time like an Olympic sport — they’re fully dedicated and in it to win it." They love snuggling, she added.

2. Terriers

If snuggling was a full-time job, terriers would be the dominant workers. Terriers have a lot of variations in their own breed, but a Rat Terrier or terrier mix is a good option as far as sleep companions are considered. Fraser said, “Most are big fans of bedtime and love nothing more than to crawl underneath the covers next to you — even in the middle of summer." She pointed out that they need a lot of movement, so you’ll have to take them out for frequent walks.

3. Greyhounds

These model-looking dogs make for amazing sleep mates. Fraser explained how dogs with short hair tend to close in the distance with humans for warmth. "Many large dogs with lots of hair are more likely to choose resting places that are cool, rather than cozy," Fraser added. "So, while they may love attention, they may opt out of prolonged cuddling in bed or on your couch, simply because they get too hot."

4. Golden Retrievers

These soft-furred beasts have super-cute eyes, and you just can’t say no to their presence. But then again, there’s a different kind of connection you feel when you spot different dogs. They’re good cuddlers, and are quite loyal.

5. Bichon Frises

Friendly furry Frise. They’re known for their affection and their cuteness. These cute little creatures can easily fit into beds, so accommodation is no issue when it comes to them. They look like fluffy clouds, and it’s a good idea to have them as sleep companions.  

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Lap dogs are known to form close bonds with humans. So if you’re looking for tiny dog pals, these royal buddies might just be the right ones. Of course, they’re cute and tiny and will right into your home space. (And your heart.)

7. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers have a certain kind of calmness to them, and they might make you feel secure when it’s time to sleep. They also love cuddling, and have a steady nature. Sleeping next to them sounds good.

There are a lot of factors that control sleeplessness, but if companionship is what you’re looking for, dogs make for amazing sleep buddies!