Daddy (will be) Cool

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This Father’s day, keep it simple to bring that smile on your dad’s face.

Dads in India are called by various names in India. Some call him abbu. While, some call him baba, but most common of them all is that most children irrespective of age, call their fathers either dad or papa.

Boney M surely did something right to come up with a song like Daddy Cool from which it not only became an adage but a well-established fact that dads are cool. Dads in India are called by various names in India. Some call him abbu. While, some call him baba, but most common of them all is that most children irrespective of age, call their fathers either dad or papa.

Often classified as the ones with the stiff upper lip, dads are known to project their ‘tough love’, almost every kid fear. But, when the cash is low, it is this one and only dad who would load the wallet.

Kids are often under the delusion that dads don’t see it. They really do. They know it all. So, this Father’s Day it is time to not just wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day. You can also do some cool things one can really do to cheer the old man up.

Here are some of the things you can do with your old fellow to make him feel extra special on his special day


It might seem a very simple plan, but most certainly not a boring one. One of the things that can be done this Father’s day is simply spending the day indoors where the entire family dons the blue jersey and cheer the men in blue as they take on arch-rivals Pakistan in what is a must-win match for both the teams. All that is required is, TV, a couch and some chilled drink.


Roaming the city on a Sunday evening is just the perfect tonic to make you dad a tad more special as one just can’t beat the Capital when it comes to a Sunday evening. Travelling to Connaught Place (CP) and Jama Masjid might be chaotic, but they are so worth the wait. In CP, there are numerous eateries and shops to explore. At Jama Masjid, one would get to eat the succulent kebabs and the spicy quormas along with the light and airy khameeri roti.


The sun may be overpowering but that is most certainly no excuse to not go on a road trip. One can most certainly have a road trip to the nearby places like Murthal or Agra. One can start early morning and come back late evening. This would be a perfect getaway for the family and a chance to chill with your old man. One can even indulge in some parathas and dahi with a huge glass of lassi.


Some may call it a very common yet it is an idea that always works. Spoil your father rotten by taking him out shopping.

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You can always go for footwear and loafers from Crocs provide immense comfort and flair. Loafers for men add a practical feel to it and is extremely elegant to look at as well.

Effortless to wear and carry off, the loafer shoes for men are available in a mix and match of leather and canvas that allows you to wear it for formal and casual occasions.

Apart from being an amazing father, he has been the ideal role model for you in terms of personality and ethics! What better than gifting him the best grooming products to pamper him and make him feel special.

It is not the gift that matters to a dad but the sentiment that it’s given with. Just ensure whatever you gift, you must put loads of love into it and hug the original best friend tightly.