Goat born with no eyes and human like lips branded evil

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Neighbours of V Chandra told him to let the evil creature die but his wife put her foot down.

The goat suffers from a rare condition causing genetic mutation (Photo: YouTube)

In a time when the entire nation is shocked by reports of people being attacked and in some cases being beaten to death over cow slaughter, some people are silently doing their bit to show kindness towards animal. While superstition in one case led people to worship a cow with a human like head, the same caused them to consider a goat with human like lips as evil.

A farmer named V Chandra from Kozhikode in Kerala was shocked to find a newborn goat without any eyes and lips that resemble those of humans, and soon word spread with locals visiting to see the animal. People called the young animal an evil being and told the farmer to let it die, but Chandra had other plans.

After V Chandra’s wife put her foot down, the couple decided to rear the goat at their farm, vets said that the goat is suffering from a rare disorder called anophthalmia caused by exposure to X-rays, chemicals or viruses.

As footage of the kid lying in a cardboard box while having milk since it can’t get milk from its mother goes viral, this gesture by the man coming in the face of superstitious notions comes as a strong example for compassion.

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