A firm just introduced a Game of Thrones inspired sex toy

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The toy priced at Rs 7000 is shaped like a sword and is 11 inches long.

Taking GoT madness to another level (Photo: Facebook)

There may be a lot of excitement around Game of Thrones as people can’t stop talking about it and it has even been known to keep people away from porn. But it seems that madness about the popular TV show may not be restricted to screens as winter is coming, quite literally.

While sex scenes from the popular show have often been one of the most talked about aspects, a new sex toy inspired by Game of Thrones may make sure that people get the complete experience in bed. The dagger shaped 11 inch dildo seems like a perfect addition for some medieval style romping in bed.

The toy priced at close to Rs 7000 is being sold by GeekySexToys.com and they promise that you know nothing until you have tried this massive shaft.