Woman successfully eases pain during breastfeeding by using sex toy

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She tried heat packs and hot showers to ease the pain but finally a vibrator gave her relief.

The vibrator was also the least painful way (Photo: AFP)

Sex toys are used by people all over the world in a time when sexual satisfaction and getting adventurous in bed have become an integral part of the conversation around sexuality. But some people can use these toys for the most surprising purposes which may not even cross anyone’s mind.

A large number of women who breastfeed develop an agonising condition called mastitis which causes the breast tissue to become red and inflamed. A woman facing a similar difficulty tried everything from heat packs to hot showers before finding relief in a vibrator.

The 21-year-old mother uses the sex toy to unblock her milk ducts and hence successfully eases the pain. Using a vibrator also turned out to be the least painful among the means she had employed.

A lactation consultant also told The Sun that using massage or vibrating technique does help in easing the condition. If the ducts are congested with fats and proteins, a vibrating device can loosen everything up.