Kumar Abhishek next single with Raj Barman Ft Aarohi Nanda

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"COAT" film producer Kumar Abhishek plans MV with sizzling Aarohi Nanda after the lockdown under banner Perfect Time Pictures

Kumar Abhishek and Aarohi Nanda

Coronavirus has slowed down life for all of us and given us time to reflect on what our goals and dreams were. Sometimes the hustle-bustle of life takes us away from what we want to do, but not everyone loses focus, Kumar Abhishek is one such focused and hardworking young man hailing from a small town with big dreams. For the last 2 years Kumar Abhishek was involved in the production music videos, 2020 will see the release of his first Bollywood Commercial Drama, ‘Coat’ starring Vivaan Shah & Sanjay Mishra. The narrator of the film will be none other than veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. ‘Coat’ is being produced under Kumar Abhishek’s production banner, ‘PERFECT TIME PICTURES’, the movie is not just being produced by Abhishek but has also been written by him.

Talking about his journey, “After producing music videos for the last 2 years, movies was the obvious next step for me, a natural progression. I waited for the right script and the perfect cast to do justice to my vision and I am glad it is all falling in place and in time.”

Post winning the battle against Coronavirus, Kumar Abhishek will be teaming up with actress Aarohi Nanda for a new Music Video, the song has already been recorded. It has been sung in the melodious voice of Raj Burman; the shooting of the song will be concluded post the lockdown.

2020 will be a rising year for Kumar Abhishek, with the release of Coat scheduled for end of 2020 and music videos lined by to be shot after the lockdown, the stars are shinning in favor of this young aspiring dreamer. His message to everyone, “ We are facing tough times and it is important we follow simple instructions given by the government so we can fight Coronavirus together, Stay at home, follow the lockdown rules and maintain personal hygiene, none of it is difficult specially when it concerns our health and our life. Take care. Stay Home And Stay Safe.”