#Trashtag challenge 2019: A revolutionary step to a non- polluted world

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New social media trending challenge for a better world.

#Trashtag challenge (Photo: trash.tag/ Instagram)

Clearly new media is a revolution and social media is always booming with new challenges. Be it ‘Momo challenge’ or ‘Kiki challenge’, the netizens are obsessed with ‘#challenges.’  Though some challenges are very abrupt and disturbing. However, here is a refreshing challenge which is a global revolution in planet conservation.

‘#Trashtag challenge’ is the current trending challenge. Trashtag challenge is where people need to click 2 images (before and after). First image needs to consist of a trashed or polluted area and second one of the same areas after cleaning it.

This challenge initially started in 2015 but did not receive much response. Today in 2019 it is the most trending challenge. Instagram and Twitter is currently booming with #trashtag challenge.

India is also one of the countries who is following this challenge. 

Photo: momsorganicmarket/ Instagram.

Take care of the earth and it will take care of you, say these nature-lovers.

Photo: trashtag.challenge/ Instagram

Mumbai beach beautified beyond expectation.

Photo: urifah_umm94/Instagram

Not only amongst adults but #trashtag challenge is trending among children humans too. With #trastagchallenge, the vison of a non-polluted world looks a little more clearer.