Shocking footage of a spider crawling out of a woman's ear

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The woman said she could feel the spider move inside her ear and was terrified when doctors confirmed the presence.

The spider casually crawled out when exposed to light (Photo: YouTube)

Spiders are the kind of creatures nightmares are made of and no one would want one anywhere near them. But these tiny insects are even scarier because of the way they can crawl into almost any space.

When a woman in Karnataka complained about a headache and tingling sensation in her ear, her husband drove her to a hospital. Further inspection saw a spider casually emerge out of the woman’s ear in a blood curdling footage.

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The woman said she could feel the movement of the spider in her ear after she woke up from a nap in her veranda. She also said that she was petrified when doctors said that it was actually a spider crawling in her ear.

Doctors said that removing a living creature from a patient’s ear is much more challenging than removing non-living objects. They said the person’s anxiety can make things more complicated.