Woman claiming her Christmas tree was dead demands refund 10 days after the festival

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Costco is known for a generous return policy under which people can return any item barring electronics at any time.

She was slammed as cheap and lacking moral (Photo: AFP)

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration that brings people together in a festive mood. But sometimes things can go terribly wrong when things don’t pan out the way people have planned.

A furious woman in California created a commotion at a popular wholesale outlet as she came to return her Christmas tree. The woman who brought in the fir back 10 days after the festival demanded a full refund claiming that the tree was dead.

People present at the store were shocked as one of them wrote on social media about the lack of moral values of the woman. The post said that the woman did get a refund but after the store checked and verified that the tree was purchased on her account.

Costco is known for a generous refund policy under which any item barring electronics can be returned at any time within 90 days.