Brighten your skin with this wonder fruit

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Papaya’s multiple vitamins and enzymes make it is the best skin care ingredient.

Papaya is a natural bleaching agent and helps correct skin darkening and discolouration. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Papaya is a skin care holy grail item for many due to its multiple benefits. It also has various health benefits. Whether it is constipation, weight loss or menstruation problems, papaya works well for everything.

Papaya is rich in fibre and anti-oxidants. It absorbs toxins and then eliminates them from the body through bowel movements. It is also rich in Vitamin A and minerals like phosphorus, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, and magnesium.

Apart from being good for the heart and digestive system, it is also great for the skin. Its enzymes help energise and revitalise skin. It controls hyper pigmentation, controls acne breakouts and prevents wrinkles from forming.

Moisturises skin

This fruit is a saviour for those with dry skin. The enzymes repair dry and flaky skin and leaves it nourished and moisturised. Apply papaya on your skin twice a week to achieve soft and supple skin.

Clears pigmentation

Include papaya in your diet to eliminate pigmentation. Its skin lightening properties help clear away blemishes and acne scars as well. The enzyme papain, along with the alpha-hydroxy acids in papaya, acts as a natural exfoliator and effectively dissolves dead skin cells. It makes your skin baby soft and supple.

Fights with wrinkles

Using a papaya peel on your skin weekly can help fight wrinkles and other signs of old age. The peel has the ability to wash away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin thus removing age spots and wrinkles with regular use.

Reduces dark circles

Dark circles are the nemesis for most people. Papaya is a natural bleaching agent and helps correct skin darkening and discolouration. It thus also removes under eye dark circles.

Removes tan

While a tan gives you a bronzy glow in the summers, it is not a look you would want to sport all year round. Some people don’t like tans as they have sensitive skin and exposure to the sun can cause skin burns. As a universal solution to these problems, papaya’s content is Vitamin A and C helps lighten the skin

Controls acne breakout

The proteolytic enzyme papain makes papaya effective in the fight against acne. Not just the fruit, but the seeds and leaves of papaya is also helpful when it comes to combating acne.

Can help with melasma

Melasma causes greyish bown patches on the skin. Due to papaya’s exfoliating and skin lightening properties, it is useful to fight against melasma to get an even toned skin. Include papayas in your daily diet or use it as a face mask to get all the benefits from it.