Twitter in splits over a $1,170 Baguette

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It has an outer cover made up of 100% Leather

Bizzare bag that looks like a subway sandwich

2020 got even weirder with the latest release from the Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino. It’s ‘Baguette’ Bag not only is named baguette but also looks like one. For the unversed, a baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough.

The Italian bag, inspired by a French cuisine, has an outer cover made up of 100% Leather with three-dimensional baguette design that comes with magnetic fastening. This bizzare bag that looks like subway sandwich is priced at $1,170 (`86,098) (excluding tax).

While most twitteratis were quick to fashion police the delicious looking bag and it’s manufacturers, quite a few even appreciated it.

Posting a picture of the Baguette clutch, a user tweeted, “Just when 2020 was going from bad to worse, Moschino turned it around with a statement item everyone’s always wanted in their wardrobe.. A baguette bag (sic)”.

Another tweet, a metaphorical one this time, read, “I decided to treat myself to a new Moschino’s baguette clutch bag but half way home got bit hungry (sic)”.

While another user took a dig at its steep price tag, “Shall I pay for rent or my moschino baguette clutch this month? (sic)” and, “£758 to look like you’re holding a subway? is this a joke (sic),” tweeted another.