With Christmas round the corner, here are 5 apps to throw perfect weekend party

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There are apps you can completely lean on when it comes to throwing the perfect party.

There are number of things that one needs to take care of such as date, menu, music, convenience and what not. (Photo: Pixabay)

Who doesn’t love a good party? Well, everyone (almost) does! But the whole process of planning and putting everything together can become drudgery. There are number of things that one needs to take care of such as date, menu, music, convenience and what not. Well, your smartphone can turnout to be your BFF that time. There are apps you can completely lean on. So, when Friday rolls around, make sure you’re ready to make the most of your days off. So, if you’re looking forward to partying with your family or friends this weekend then these apps for your help.

Event Planner (Party Planning): Managing the guest, shopping or to-do list are the most tiring tasks. But this app has covered you from A to Z. From importing guest list to setting reminders or sync across multiple  users this app has sorted it all to you.The app makes the most sense for large scales events, though it's useful to help you plan everything big and small.

Zappfresh: Whether you want to cook on your own or order some great tikkas or kababs. Zappfresh is the answer. You don’t have to stand in the long queue outside the butcher shop, as it delivers at your doorstep. You can cook your favorite meal with ease without worrying about the chemicals and preservatives as Zappfresh delivers the right product which is completely organic.

Zappfresh is an integrated meat selling online brand that provides meat online. It delivers meat, chicken, sea food and other poultry products at your door step.

SoundSeeder: No party is complete without a music. There is no great party without great music. And if you don’t have a sound system Soundseeder is there for rescue all your friends can synchronize their devices and it plays music simultaneously on multiple phones.

Splitwise: You can create a running list of friends or groups (make a group for your roommates!) and split the money among all. Splitwise also has a useful check splitting function that you and your friends can use to split the bill during contri parties.

Ola: After a great party it’s the most important part to get back to your home safe and sound. So, instead of driving book a ride and get back home with ease.