Male sex robots with bionic penises likely to be available in markets this year

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The male version of sex robots are being brought out by Matt McMullen who has created relaistic female sex robots.

The robots will also be able to learn and satisfy their human companions accordingly (Photo: Pixabay)

Technology has been promising to change the way people have sex for the past few years as more realistic sex robots with customisable features and personalities are also available. While female sex robots are generating a lot of interest in markets and brothels alike, those looking for a male companion may also have a good option for a companion soon.

The mind behind the female sex robot, Matt McMullen is now preparing to introduce male versions of the realistic product complete with bionic penises. The male robot will be modelled after Harmony robots which allowed users to match a personality with the AI robot mind and enable the machines to learn and satisfy desires of the human companion.

Consumers can also plug the robots in which can make it go on for as long as they want. The penises on the android companions will also come in an array of different shapes and sizes.

A leading AI researches has also stated that male sex robots will be more popular in the market in comparison to dildos, vibrators and other sex toys.