Diwali 2018: Here are tips to keep your pet dog safe during festival

The Asian Age.  | Soumyabrata Gupta

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While festival brings immense joy to families, it is a time for anxiety and ill health for our furry pets.

Doggie Professor Srinivas Jakkani shares tips on you can keep your pets safe and stress free this Diwali.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time when friends and families gather together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and burst crackers galore. Diwali, the festival of lights, that every year causes suffering to innumerable animals across India who suffer immensely due to the noise pollution that results from bursting crackers.

Yes, it brings immense joy to every household, but look a little closer, behind all the glimmer of diyas and shining lanters, you will find anxious eye sand shivering bodies, of your pet dog.

Loud noises, toxic fumes and sudden flashes spells disastrous for our furry friends at home and a lot of dogs suffer immense psychological trauma, are lost, injured or face various health issues due to the sudden onset of stress.

In conversation with this correspondent, the Doggie Professor Srinivas Jakkani shares tips on you can keep your pets safe and stress free this Diwali.

Keep your dogs tired: A tired dog is a happy dog. With tiredness comes sleep and sleep works at ignoring the sounds and lights outside. So make sure they get plenty of play and exercise to minimise the stress. Alternatively you can also get them interactive toys and stuff toys like Kong toys and offer it with their favorites food.

Teach the dog about the safe spot: every dog has a favourite corner in the house that it goes to when stressed. Offer calming blankets and let it snuggle away.

De-stress yourselves: A lot of stress on dogs are carried over from their pet parents. So if you are scared of noises then the dogs might pick it up too! Cuddling them at that moment may seem nice but when we give attention during stress we are in actuality telling the dogs that stress is good. So allow the dogs to find their safe spot and destress.

Consult a Vet: Vets will according to the symptoms prescribe medications. There are also anti-anxiety medications available to reduce the stress on their dogs. Ask your vet for a first aid kit or advice.

Stay away from Diwali sweets: Sweets which brighten our moods may send your dog to the vets. Plus with so many adulterations and artificial colours added it's better to stay away ourselves too!

Keep safe generally: Keep wires, bulbs, fireworks, in a safe place out of reach from dogs. Close windows and doors to keep sound to the minimum. Offer a safe place for stray dogs too. You can also tie a tag on their necks having contact information incase they are lost or misplaced.