5 monsoon skin care tips

Find out what you need to do.

Update: 2018-08-03 06:54 GMT
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New Delhi: The onset of rain instantly peps up your mood but, monsoon also brings with itself a host of problems for your skin.

An increase in acne breakout, rashes, clogged skin pores or oiliness are all possible implications of not changing your skincare regime as the season changes from summer to monsoon.

So, we will help you in keeping your skin healthy while you enjoy the monsoon rains!

Dolly Kumar, Founder & Director at Skinella, shared some monsoon skin care tips that everyone should follow:

1. Cleanse your face more often

The dust storms during monsoons may wreak havoc with your skin. The dust particles which settles on our faces and body, strip the skin of glow and shine. It is crucial to cleanse your skin to get rid of impurities. A gentle face wash like the blueberry varient, brightens skin giving a supple look.

2. Use sunscreen

Whether sunny or cloudy, summers or monsoon, harmful UV rays always have the potential to damage our skin. Sunscreen is a must! With the humidity and dampness, it could get annoying to put a sunscreen that leaves skin all oily and greasy! Choose a non-greasy sunscreen like the watermelon varient, that easily blends with skin, protecting against skin damage.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Monsoon could often pave way for skin damage and dead skin cells. Exfoliation is the key solution here. We must exfoliate our skin with scrubs to get rid of the dead skin and give back skin its smooth and glowing look. Using products having natural exfoliators like honey oats face scrub can nourish the skin without feeding chemicals into it.

4. Provide care to your lips

Bring vibrancy back to your lips by regularly using a lip balm that moisturizes and hydrates your lips, leaving them velvety smooth. Bid adieu to cracked and chapped lips this monsoon! A strawberry flavoured lip balm can be a good pick.

5. Moisturize

The humidity in the monsoon season leaves the face and body feeling dehydrated, devoid of moisture. You should moisturize and hydrate your skin using grapefruit face & body sorbet, to keep it nourished and fresh throughout the day!


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