Snake squirming in pain after trying to eat porcupine

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The footage shows a red-tailed boa with sharp quills of the porcupine in its body.

The video is too painful to watch (Photo: YouTube)

Snakes are menacing reptiles that can leave people squirming in pain with one attack. The red tailed boa is seen as one of the most menacing ones and is known for hunting smaller animals including rats, bats and ducks, but some times the tables can be turned on the most ferocious predators too.

A video of a similar situation has gone viral where the boa can be seen in pain after its quest to hunt a porcupine ended in several sharp quills piercing the serpent’s body.

The footage has garnered mixed responses on social media with some feeling the snake got what it deserved and others sympathising with the unlucky creature.

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