Detoxify the festive fat

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Now that Diwali is over and you may have binged excessively, it’s time to discipline yourself.

Sweets all day and one after the other along with snacks, drinks, dry fruits for munching — made our healthy eating plan going down the drain!

Sweets all day and one after the other along with snacks, drinks, dry fruits for munching — made our healthy eating plan going down the drain! But now that the diyas and lights have been packed away, its time for a reality checks, Time to say goodbye to naughty sugar and fats and say hello to some nutritious foods back in our lives. Probably, at this time the body is asking for cleanse.

1. Start with a healthy morning

Starting our day with lemon water with a dollop of honey helps in rejuvenating our entire system. We can add mausambhi, orange slices or grapefruit as well — citrus and vit C rich drinks are known to help reduce fat, encourage healthy digestion and help relieve symptoms of indigestion like bloating, burping and heartburn..

2. Making healthy choices

Starvation is not the key! it's important to eat right like a salad with a heavy mayo dressing is completely counter-productive. Which is why replace the unhealthy elements of your daily diet with healthier options. Like hung curd or Greek yogurt as a replacement for mayo and cream; hummus or peanut butter with fruits/veggies instead of packaged snacks; mixed millet flour instead of maida in rotis & breads.

3. Count your steps!

This should certainly be our priority and of utmost importance! How well we all know that eating doesn’t count for physical activity. The recommendation is 10k steps a day but ofcourse one can't do overnight and this surely takes time but it's important to know that giving your body some movement is essential to a good metabolism, which in turn helps to burn what you eat more efficiently.

4. Junk food is truly junk for the body — eat at home

This should be your number one priority for at least the next couple of weeks. Restaurant food is loaded with oil, starch and sugar and so is the leftover Diwali food. If you cook at home you have full control over the ingredients and cooking techniques!

Sample detoxification diet for a week:

Breakfast:  have cereal/ dalia with milk and apple

Mid Morning: Green Tea or Hibiscus Tea

Lunch: Dal with rice/1 roti and salad and curd

Evening: Tea with makhana

Dinner (by 7.30pm): Dal with rice and salad

Before Sleep: 1 glass of skimmed milk

Minimum water intake should be 12-14 glasses.

Also after a week if one wants to retain the weight lost in a week then to resume back to regular routine one must follow salt two salt free meals on the following day & then gradually switching to 1 salt free meal for week preferably dinner.

Also to complete detoxification one must follow such a cleansing procedure once a quarter of three months.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay fresh!

The writer is a nutritionist