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Noted personalities and celebrities express their visions for themselves as well as the world in 2020.

Deepika Padukone

The New Year brings with it a chance to look forward, break old patterns, and create newer, healthier ones. And while some prefer to better themselves, others hope to pioneer change in society and the professional world. Celebrities are also using their platforms to express their hope for a better world in the new decade. Read on to see what they are —

Annie Zaidi, Author:

“The first change I want to see with the beginning of 2020 is police reforms initiated immediately in India, starting with Uttar Pradesh. Police need to be made accountable for their behaviour, and they need training in human rights because the fundamental of policing is a human right. Without that, you can’t include anything. Secondly, I would like to see the Constitution upheld at every cost, because if you are not protecting the Constitution then there is nothing left to protect. Most importantly, I would like to see people get serious about climate change and we get to see better films in 2020. People need to stop making horrible movies. I am going to be busy from January onwards; there are so many commitments lined-up. Currently, I am working on finishing my book Bread Cement Cactus and looking forward to its release.”

Ajay devgn, Actor:

“I have not slept for quite a few days as I have been busy working on post-production (for Tanhaji). I have no plans to celebrate New Year’s, I am happy that this New Year opens with our film Tanahji: The Unsung Warrior. I just wish that our countrymen, who are divided right now, stand united. Isse humara nuksan hi hoga, faida nahi (This will only harm us, not benefit us). We need to look back and understand the value of having independence, which we got with great difficulty. We need to promote love and unity amongst us human beings.

Kajol, Actor:

“Our film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior releases in the New Year, so let's all come together and watch the film. 2020 is surely going to be a wonderful year. I wish for a very happy 2020 to one and all. Hopefully, we have more people who would look at each other as human beings, irrespective of colour, creed, religion etc. We all have the same colour of blood, so love and humanity is what we need to promote this 2020. If we do not come forward to help each other, who will help us?”

Deepika Padukone, Actor:

“The kind of content that we have been creating in the last four years, I just hope we continue to do that in 2020. I believe this is the best phase of Indian cinema, where there is so much experimentation happening. My only focus for 2020 will be to support good cinema.”

Ritu Kumar, Fashion Designer

“I think all our wardrobes should become half the size. I think we should reduce the amount of waste; we just tend to throw things away and wear things that are more durable. “I think the label is going to focus on separate pieces now and not full outfits so that people can mix and match it with whatever they like. It will be younger, fun and also easier on the pocket.”

Arshad Warsi, Actor

“First I want to see a change in myself. I want to do more and more work that takes me out of my comfort zone. Also these days, I keep reading about the effect of global warming, so I wish we take some serious steps to resolve this issue in the coming years.”

Radhika Apte, Actor

“My hope for 2020 is that I will reuse and maximise my usage of materials I own or use.”

Charlotte Flair, WWE Wrestler

“I wish more women from different countries come forward and take part in the game (wrestling). We have already set the standards, so now it’s the matter of other women just stepping up. The women from the past and present have opened the doors; it is now up to the women of the future to continue it. And I wish this happens in the next 10 years across the world.”

Mallika Sarabhai, Dancer:

“I would like to see more dancers work on issues that need addressing, in creative and non-didactic ways. We have a superb language for change and now more than ever the world needs creative ways to heal.”

Jacqueline Fernandez, Actor:

“Working hard to be a better version of myself, to stay fit, and to be independent are some of the things I strive for. Everyone has different reasons for embarking on a fitness regime and for me, it's just about staying positive and healthy. Being an independent woman is what I enjoy, I work hard and I am proud of what I have achieved in life. I want to enjoy my artistic freedom and never stop exploring.”

Kaushiki Chakraborty, vocalist:

“I have seen a great positive transformation in the last 10 years. There are many musicians who are choosing classical music as a career and younger musicians are relatable because the audience is relating to them on a personal level. It’s a very positive state at the moment, and I wish that grows in future. It depends on all of us performers to take it on higher levels in the coming years. I wish everyone evolves at their end so the craft can evolve and go to greater heights in coming years.”

Pandit Jasraj, Vocalist:

“I believe Music is in its most enriched phase, so I wish let there be sukh, shanti, and samrudhi (happiness, peace, and prosperity) on our planet. Wishing all a happy New Year. Today is a gift from God and that’s why we call it the present. So let us live each day to the fullest and be the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves.”