Weird weight loss tricks you can try

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Nose clipping helps in eating just the right amount of food.

Eat candies as you cook to lose weight. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Those who have been reading up on weight loss have kept a tab on how to go about with diet, exercise and lifestyle. And more often than not, things get repetitive. From drinking green tea to cardio, a lot of things actually work in helping you shed weight. But, there have also been trends like having mirrors near your dining table and sniffing food. Here are some weird weight loss tricks you can try:

Eat candy while cooking

“What?” People who are following strict diets for weight loss might instantly react to candies. Or anything excessively sweet for that matter. The rule book says that one should cut down on sugar, oil and salt to shed kilos. But, experts suggest that sucking a strongly flavoured candy (peppermint or cinnamon) helps in keeping your mouth busy, so that you don’t hog down everything while cooking something.

Nose clipping

When you consider food, there are so many aspects apart from nutrition. For instance, the sight, smell and even the sound can play an important role in your appetite. While it may sound odd, clipping your nose helps in making you eat just the right amount of food.

Dessert for breakfast

Isn’t this a dream? An Israeli research points out that eating cake for breakfast can help in reducing weight. A high-carb breakfast helped obese people in following their diet, compared to a low-carb breakfast that missed dessert. According to The Times of India, it’s important to keep a tab on your portion intake.

Drinking oil

While the norm is to stay away form all oily food, this trick is all about drinking the dreaded. Extra virgin olive oil is known to be very effective for those looking to lose weight. Having one or two tablespoons of the oil every day between meals can help you shed extra kilos.