Choking deaths on the rise, experts warn

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Find out why.

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Experts believe choking deaths are on the risk because adults have "forgotten" to chew.

Choking deaths have increased by 17% in one year, the Daily Mail reported. It also revealed out of 289 recorded deaths, adults over 45 made up 91%. 85% of choking deaths are caused by food, data by the Office for National Statistics showed.

Poor chewing habits experts worry is the culprit of the unfortunate occurrence.

In this fast pace world, adults need to take their time with food.  "There is a continuing awareness around preventing choking deaths in babies and toddlers by cutting up their food correctly and ensuring small things are kept out of reach," Matt Oakley, director of Dechoker UK told the Daily Mail. Adding, "It would appear though, that by time we’ve reached middle age we have forgotten how to chew our food."

He urges people to consider how detrimental the effect of not consuming food well can be. A person choking can't speak, breathe, cough or cry and become unconscious if there is no help. Four minutes of choking can cause brain damage.

Experts also urge people to learn the Heimlich manoeuvre so they can perform it on themselves.