Assam man left in agony as rare condition leaves him with 39 inch stomach

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Bikash Hazarika says he has tried everything to make the pain go away but feels it's too late for his treatment now.

The family can't afford a surgery that can help Bikash (Photo: YouTube)

Bloating may be a concern for a lot of people but in some cases it can get extreme and lead to consequences which can make life an ordeal for the patient. Stomach pain isn’t an uncommon thing but in rare cases such swelling can prove fatal too.

Bikash Hazarika from Assam weighs 61 kg but is left in pain and unable to walk as his stomach has swelled to the point that it is 10 kg because of a life threatening condition. Suffering from congestive hepatomegaly, the 21-year-old has been sleeping in a seated position for one and a half hours at a time since the past five years.

Hazarika feels it’s already late for him to get a treatment and has given up all hopes of living till he is diagnosed. He adds that the daily struggle feels like he is dying a slow death as he just hasn’t been able to make the pain go away.

The condition Hazarika suffers from is caused as heart failure causes blood to be backed up in the liver. A surgery could save him but Hazarika’s father is a contractual labour and the family can’t afford the procedure costing more than Rs 5 lakh.

What was dismissed as a minor infection by a local doctor who suggested rest for few weeks has led to a life in agony for Hazarika as his family had to sell their house for his medicines. With no resources to pay for treatment Hazarika has no hope of survival.