How to reduce weight instantly

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Follow these four simple guidelines to shed those extra kilos.

Stick to your diet and exercise regimen. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

With several weight loss tips in your diary, you would probably be confused about which ones are worth following. If you’re obese, or are on the verge of obesity, it’s essential to lose weight to avoid other related health problems. Before knowing how to shed kilos, it’s essential to understand what body fat is.

Your body fat is a collection of adipose tissue, and has more functions than insulation or cushioning. It includes two types of fat- subcutaneous and visceral. The former is found under your skin, while the latter surrounds your abdomen and liver among other organs. If your fat is not utilised, it tends to accumulate, and that’s what causes weight gain. Here are a few ways to burn body fat:

1. Eat healthy and mindfully

Being conscious of what goes into your body is essential. Dr Wickham B Simonds, MD, explained, “The most effective way to reduce body fat is calorie reduction paired with reduced carbohydrate intake.” Your body enters into a “fat storage” mode when you eat rice, white bread or pasta. However, this doesn’t mean rushing into a fad diet. Consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet.

2. Your mental health is important

When we’re stressed, we tend to make poor choices. And that includes eating as well. Your body tends to grab more junk food. Our emotional state affects our hunger hormones. So when you’re feeling low, you tend to go for high-calorie food. So make sure you meditate or take up breathing exercises to keep your mind happy.

3. Exercising is effective

An average adult should exercise vigorously for about 75 minutes every week, according to The American Heart Association. Movement is important throughout the day. And you can adopt simple practices to stay healthy. Opt for stairs instead of elevators, or walk from your station instead of taking a cab. These small things add up in lowering your overall fat percentage.

4. Follow your routine

This bit tends to be the most difficult when it comes to losing weight. Stick to your healthy diet, and exercising regime for the effects to take shape. It’s not a bad idea to indulge once in a while, but anything more and you’ll end up deviating from your agenda.

An important thing to remember is to consult your doctor or dietician before making radical changes to your routine. Also, everyone’s body works differently, so be patient for the results. Keep changing your practices until you figure out what works for you.