Happiness is directly proportional to hours of sleep!

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new study claims that resting for seven hours and six minutes keep people most happy

Sleeping for seven hours and six minutes keeps a person most happy, claims study (Photo: Pixabay)

A new survey reveals that people who are ‘perfectly happy’ sleep for precisely seven hours and six minutes. Participants in the study who slept a little less than that rated themselves ‘mostly happy’ while those who said they were ‘somewhat happy’ snoozed for six hours and 54 minutes, the study says.

The report further states that people with less than six hours and 48 minutes of sleep meant they had complete unhappiness in relationships, constant worry and a lack of gratitude.

According to the study, NHS says that seven hours of the sleep in the minimum amount of sleep required by adults.

The study also found that women struggled the most to sleep and those among them who slept the least were the most unhappy.

According to the study, respondents who slept the best meditated or took a shower before bedtime.

Activities associated with less sleep included working late or playing video games.

According to the study, one in every three individuals suffered from poor sleep leading to depression, risk of obesity, heart attack, stoke and diabetes as well as a shortened life expectancy.

Scientists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have also said that sleep routine is also very important. They discovered people who go to bed at the same time every night are far more healthy and successful than their more spontaneous peers.

Overwhelmingly, students with irregular patterns of sleep and wakefulness had a lower grade point average than the rest.

Scientists from the University of Arizona in Tucson have even quantified the risk – they say each hour of going to bed later than normal is associated with an 11 percent increase.

Sleeping in longer was found to have no health benefit if you have gone to bed at a later time than usual.