Fitness guru reveals the 1 workout to do when you don’t feel like it

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You don't even have to leave your home to get it done.

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A fitness expert reveal the one workout everyone should do on day you don't feel like exercising.

Shaun T is the man behind Instanity, which is reported to be the hardest fitness program ever.

He may be known for his super-ripped shape, but there are days when even he doesn't feel like a full regiment.

So he recommends doing the push-up and plank, the Daily Mail reported.

"The push-up and plank will change your life," said the 39-year-old is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Best of all you don't require any equipment or have to leave your home.

Shaun said the planks give your whole body a workout as it uses muscles from all over.

"Holding a plank works your your shoulders, your chest, your core, your butt, your calves," he told Business Insider. It also strengthens your core, supports postures and improves balance.