These indoor plants can help improve your overall well-being

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Find out how they can benefit you.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pexels)

We as humans can gain a number of health benefits from nature.

Having a slice of it in our home or office can do wonders in helping reduce anxiety, our levels of concentration and overall well-being.

In a report by FEMAIL, interior designer Georgia Ezra explains why it has such and impact and reveals the top indoor plants that can be beneficial.

"Have you ever stared out into the vastness of the ocean and felt completely grounded? This overwhelming enormity of the sea reminds us of how small we are in this infinite planet and how little our problems are," Ezra is quoted as saying in the report.

Flowers and greenery are vital to "connect us to nature within an interior", she revealed.

Here are her top indoor plant picks you can add to your home.

1. Kentia Palm: This beautiful plant is great for dark rooms, as they do not need a lot of sunlight.

2. Olive trees: While they are not conventional indoor plants Ezra said their striking colour is claming. They should be placed with north-facing windows to receive a lot of sunlight.

3. Fiddle-leaf fig trees: The oversized large leaves cannot only benefit your well-being, but can also enhance the beauty of your home. This sensitive plant required a lot of sunlight.

4. Yuccas: They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and do not need much water.

5. Cactus: This is perfect for first time plant owners, as they do not require much water.