Here are dietary changes you can make to tackle erectile dysfunction

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A healthy diet can make a major difference when it comes to maintaining better sexual health.

Coffee can significantly strengthen nerves and arteries in the penis (Photo: AFP)

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that plagues a large number of men beyond a certain age group and while medication as well as several other ways to tackle the issue, including exercise and meditation, are available, simple lifestyle changes can also play a crucial role in keeping erectile issues at bay.

While keeping stress and anxiety in check are known ways to beat erectile dysfunction, changes in what men eat can also significantly contribute to better sexual health. Here are few things people can include in their daily diet to have stronger erections.

Berries are known to contain a chemical which has been found to lower the risk of erectile dysfunction to a considerable extent.

Dopamine is known to be a pleasure hormone and dark chocolate can act as a way to trigger a rise in its levels for a better sex drive.

Better blood flow and a healthy heart rate are crucial for healthier erections and cayenne pepper can help with that while releasing endorphins.

Another way to boost blood flow for a stronger erection is to relax arteries and red wine is one of the things that can accomplish this task.

One more component that can trigger better blood flow by relaxing arteries is a protein called arginine which can be found in a good amount in pistachio.

Almost everyone consumes considerable amount of coffee on a regular basis and the good news is that coffee can strengthen arteries and nerves in the penis leading to better erections.