Ahmedabad doctor shocked to find baby born with 7 fully developed teeth

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The doctor believes it to be the first such case and the teeth were removed to avoid risk of the baby choking on them.

There have been cases of babies being born with one or two teeth but not seven (Photo: YouTube)

Children do grow up quickly but it seems that some are really in a hurry as has been seen in rare cases. In the past there have been instances of children performing extraordinary feats at a young age, but one child seems one step ahead.

Doctors in Ahmedabad were left astonished when they found a baby born with seven fully grown teeth and believe this is the fist time something like this has happened. The child was moved to the intensive care unit immediately after birth and the mother was unable to breastfeed him, but she noticed something in Prayan’s mouth when she breastfed him later.

The paediatric dentist consulted by the family said there isn’t any particular reason for Prayan to be born with seven developed teeth. The teeth were removed surgically since they posed a risk of the baby swallowing and choking on them.

Cases of babies born with one or two teeth have been reported in the past and are considered as rare as one in 3000, but this is the first time a baby is born with seven. Doctors suggested malnutrition during pregnancy as a factor in addition to certain genetic reasons.