Healthy habits women should have after sex

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These habits are often ignored by people but are necessary for hygiene

Taking a bath after sex is really important to cleanse the body of all impurities and maintains hygiene. (Photo:Pixabay)

The whole intimacy of sex lasts long after the act is over and while many may not want to get off the bed, you have to. It wouldn’t be an insult but it would work wonders to lead a healthy lifestyle.

According to a report in Bustle, hygiene is important after sex and while many might not take it seriously, it is really important. Many people also do not discuss with their partners about post-sex hygiene which very often leads to an unhygienic sex life. Peeing is one of the most important habits that partners should possess. Women who have an active sex life are more prone to having urinary tract infections which can be a problem later. Intra-vaginal washes are also another that shouldn’t be done because it might lead to infections.

Washing hands is another important habit that people need to follow to maintain hygiene as it prevents the spread of germs. Doing Kegel exercises is really important as it helps keep the pelvic floor muscles strong. It is a very common advice but contraception is important if you have had unprotected sex as it must not lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Taking a shower is also very important to keep the vagina and all other parts of your body clean. Sexual intercourse can often get you dehydrated and so it is very important to drink water after sex.