This indicates if a woman is cheating on you

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She will not tell you but you just got to see through the routine

The more the number of times she fakes the orgasm, she is actually an infidel. (Photo: AFP)

Women have a hard time getting an orgasm and most often than not fake it so that they can get over with it. However men do not know that a fake orgasm actually indicates a lot in the relationship. A recent study has revealed that the frequency of women faking their orgasms can tell if the women are cheating their man.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the study found that the more the number of times the woman faked her orgasm higher were the chances that she was cheating on her partner. The report further stated that a fake orgasm was actually associated with the infidelity by a woman because of the low male relationship satisfaction.

Women aren’t able to get an orgasm by the man they are with look to fulfil it with another man who they think can give it to them. If the other man makes her get an orgasm she will always look to avoid sex or just consider it like any other activity.