Bake a tri-coloured pizza this I-Day

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Italian goes desi as we bring to you the recipe for an Indian Caprese Pizza this Independence Day.

An Indian Caprese Pizza is a vegetarian dish that incorporates totamotes, basil and spinach as a few of its core ingredients

Nothing beats a good old pizza on days you want to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. With most offices remaining shut on Independence Day it is the perfect day to spend some time with your loved ones at home. Why not catch up on some conversations and eat some delectable home cooked food this I-Day?

However, if you do not like spending long hours in the kitchen and too much of mise en place is not your cup of tea, shares the recipe for an easy-to-make pizza that you can enjoy with your family this Independence Day. And it’s in tricolour!

Ingredients (As per recipe quantity in gms)

12" Pizza base (Multigrain): 1

Tomato sauce: 100

Wood fire seasoning: 5

White cheese dressing: 100

Mozzarella cheese: 75

Boconconi: 50

Tomato slices (Deseeded): 30

Basil (shredded): 5

Lettuce (shredded): 20

Spinach (shredded): 20

Olives chopped: 5


Mix the chilli seasonings and marinate the veggies and paneer in it

On a pizza base, spread tomato sauce, followed by white cheese dressing and mozzarella cheese.

Arrange all the toppings on top of the pizza, starting with olives in the centre followed by tomato slices, sliced bocconcini.

Bake pizza in hot oven till done.

After pizza comes out of oven, spread the chopped lettuce, basil, spinach mix on the sides of the crust and sprinkle grated parmesan on top of the salad.

Place the pizza stool, close the box, and dispatch.

Spread the chopped spinach, basil and lettuce mix only after the pizza is baked and sprinkle parmesan over them.


You can also turn this into a fun Independence Day activity that you engage with your children! And it is healthy as well.