Chef talks about being called a party starter

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Chinu recently collaborated with Chandon earning her the title of a “Party Starter”.

Chef Shilarna Vaze

Imagine this! Having this love for food since a kid the same way Romeo fell for Juliet. It sounds a cliche but true in the case of  Chef Shilarna Vaze or as many know her as Chinu. Chinu recently collaborated with Chandon earning her the title of a “Party Starter”.


I was a kid. At the age of three, I was allowed to order an entire portion of lobster and you won’t believe when I say this – but I could finish it completely. This freedom allowed me to explore my culinary adventures.I used to talk, think and do everything related to food. Essentially, wanted to eat delicious, gourmet food all the time and the best way to ensure that was to become a chef myself.                     

Thoughts on gastronomy and other techniques,

It depends on what context you use. If you are applying super intelligence to combine science with history and tradition, then I would say it's great. If you are using it to mimic what other people are doing and just to have a cool effect, that's when it doesn't taste good with food.


I think it's because I've always been really fluid & flexible about what kind of a chef I want to be, how I want to live and the combination of both that makes me a game changer. What do you feel about the fact that people eat food with their camera first and not with their mouths?

I really cannot comment on people having food with their camera first as I am also one of them, but I do have an excuse as I am a professional chef and it is a part of my work.

I do judge people who don't have anything to do with food.