All about that glow!

Does it feel festive enough without that radiantly glowing skin? Here is an expert's opinion on how you can get it.

Update: 2018-10-29 19:21 GMT
Picture of Sonam Kapoor used for representational purposes only.

From Jennifer Aniston to Sonam Kapoor, celebrities have donned every look not just with their outfit but a glow that leaves us spellbound. Diwali and the wedding season is just round the corner and it’s time ladies, to get your festive glow right! With a plethora of treatment options and each one claiming to be the best, it’s essential to understand which one is best suitable for you.

These days men too, are equally alert about their looks and ready to invest in skin care. It has been observed that more and more men are showing interest in skin care products along with aesthetic treatments.

A basic skin care routine which both men and women can use comprises of sun protection, hydration, exfoliation. A dermatologist will always prescribe you a sunscreen apt for your skin type and tone, and a good moisturiser which doesn’t leave your skin dry or oily. Nowadays’ you get oral sunscreen protection, which help you to fight sun damage from within. Exfoliation doesn’t really mean scrubbing. Exfoliation means getting rid of your excess oil or melanin, which causes pigmentation depending on the type of skin.

To get that captivating look during the festive season, one can opt from various aesthetic treatment options.

Laser toning: This is  the most popular treatment during festive period. Tri-Beam laser toning treatment helps reduce excess melanin content in the topmost layer of the skin by giving low energy laser passes. This procedure hardly takes 30 minutes, without any pain, discomfort and downtime. Three to four sessions of this procedure every four weeks, will give you even skin tone and festive ready skin.

Laser Hair Reduction: Get rid of that excessive facial and body hair this festive season for everlasting results. Your dermatologist can help you with any underlying hormonal issues, which can be corrected under his guidance to get best results. Primelase hair reduction laser treatment gives very satisfying results even for the finest hair and dark and tanned skin. Multiple sessions are required to completely stop the growth. Get rid of those unwanted facial hair and discover your true self with confidence.

Dermal Fillers: Stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and our natural ageing process cause loss of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a ground substance of our skin. A good HA filler can get rid of that tired look and leave your skin hydrated and rejuvenated in the long run. It can be done to revive your under eye dark circles, loss of volume in the cheeks and lip rejuvenation.

Medi-Facials: Medi-facials are facial procedures with a science behind it unlike parlour facials. Oxygeneo Medi-facial Treatments will help you to get that rejuvenation effect and glow without any downtime. This lunch hour, skin rejuvenation treatment works by cleansing, oxygenation, exfoliation and infusion with antioxidant products, that will give you a radiant glow for festive occasions. The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes and can be customised for all types of skin.

Getting that glowing radiant skin is everyone’s wish and it won’t happen in a day’s time. You need to plan it well in advance to be ready for festive occasions.

– The writer is a dermatologist.

Disclaimer: Always check with a specialist before going ahead with this procedure.


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