Mix and match with finesse!

The Asian Age.  | Pooja Prabbhan

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A true fashionista knows how to strike the right balance between haute couture and high street styles and knows how to seamlessly merge the two looks.

Diana Penty's simple number balances perfectly with those jazzy sneakers!

No matter how much of a label aficionado you are, there’s always some room for mix and match. This season, it’s not the coming together of eclectic hues, but the ‘balancing act’ which is having a major fashion moment! Or so believe folks from city’s fashion frat. For the uninitiated, there’s a unique mix doing the rounds. It’s that where fashionistas are spotted throwing in highs with lows. Meaning? Sporting luxe accouterments with casual chic outfits. So, what makes the trend tick? What are the dos and don’ts? We lay down the rules.

“I’m a huge fan of looking fashionable on a budget. But, as a rule, I do not compromise on the quality of footwear especially while sporting an athleisure look, as the entire look falls flat if your feet look out of place,” begins fashion curator and influencer Aswathi Balakrishnan. For those wanting to go the extra mile in terms of making a statement, Aswathi vouches by the classy staple rule. “It’s simple. As a rule, always invest in well-fitted white sneakers. they go well with almost every other outfit- from midi skirts and airy maxi dresses to fitted trousers.”

Selena Gomez ticks all the right boxes in this number.

 Reminiscing a time when she wore an absolutely stellar outfit that barely costed her anything; designer Prerana Sharma says, “I am in love with white tees. The casual ones you can buy at a shoestring budget in flea markets. Tuck them inside of your denim trousers.  I love teaming them by throwing over a smart denim jacket from a high-end label and jeans. It completely transforms a look! And yes, finish the look with a pair of classy stilettoes. This is a winning combo.”

Jacqueline-Fernandez shows how casual can be uber cool.

Stylist Laxmi Krishna, who’s been an ardent follower of budget trends, feels throwing in one piece of high-end accessory makes all the difference. “For the longest time, there was this craze of wearing great outfits. Now, it’s all about smart dressing. While I’d always suggest women to not compromise on their outfits, a pair of frugally priced dark skinny jeans does wonders for ones looks. Always keep two well-fitted dark skinny jeans in your closet. Choose for the cheapest/ or most economical one. Also, while choosing to go cheap with your purchase, steer clear of tops with embellishments, and bottom wear which are either distressed or ripped.  Always go clean and simple in terms of design to create a simple yet striking look. my perfect high-low look would be sporting a nice tunic top with a pair of clean yet budget-friendly dark skinny jeans. It’s the best.”

While you may not remember how well you managed to rustle up a statement using minimal accouterments back in college; the trick doesn’t fail to work its charm, believes city stylist and blogger  Rinku Chatlani. For this 25-year old, working around classic combos is the perfect way to look stylish at all times. “There’s not much that can go wrong with an LBD. And the good news is that it is one piece of clothing which can be paired with really budget friendly buys. Team it with say trendy yet affordable pumps and you’re good to go! The thing with classic combos like an LBD or a fitted white top and denims is that they take away the attention from minor details like your earrings, slings or footwear. But, if you’re planning on sporting frugal accessories, ensure you do a bit of working in terms of getting yourself a good mani and pedi. I love how arm candies like dainty bracelets complete a look, and are really good for the pocket too.”