Why everyone should use oil-based cleansers

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Oil-based cleansers are better than surfactant based cleansers.

Your skin type- whether dry, sensitive or oily, determines the kind of products you should use. (Photo: Instagram)

Every beauty guru will advocate the importance of cleansing your skin. This is the first step to your beauty routine, and is definitely the most important one too.

Choosing the right products to clean is important. There is now a whole host of products that are available and they are of three categories. One is a cleansing oil or a balm, one is a make-up and impurities remover like micellar water and one is a foam cleanser like your regular face wash.

Your skin type- whether dry, sensitive or oily, determines the kind of products you should use. Gel cleansers are usually used by those with oily skin, cream-based ones for dry skin and gentle foaming ones for sensitive skin. But we forget that there is one type suits all skin types: oil-based cleansers.

It may be hard to believe that they are good for oily skin type but the oils used in these types are non-comedogenic, which means that they don’t clog your pores. These oils gently clean your skin while retaining its original moisture. Soap and surfactant based cleansers strip your skin of the nature oils and harm it over time.

Oil-based cleansers form a bond with all the impurities on your skin like make up, perspiration, pollution and sunscreen and are then easily wiped away with a muslin cloth or flannel. Not only is it great for your skin, they also don’t harm the environment as it cuts down use of water and also os polyester make-up wipes.

Here are some other reasons that should switch to oil cleansers:

They have a different composition

All cleansers do the job of removing sebum, dirt, dead skin and environmental pollutants. But most of them have a surfactant base. They are water soluble and wash away your impurities. Oil cleansers on the other hand dissolve the oils on your face and form an emulsion. This can then be easily washed off like soap with water or wiped away with a cloth.

They suit all skin types

“Any skin type will benefit from an oil cleanser because it will remove what must be removed (excess sebum, pollutants) without damaging your skin’s most valuable asset: its capacity as a barrier,” said Dr Hannah Sivak, founder of Skin Actives Scientific.  Their unique formulation and emulsifying properties make it ideal for all skin types.

They’re gentle on skin

They are so gentle that they can be incorporated into your daily routine. While surfactant based cleansers strip your skin off moisture, these are safe to be used twice in a day. First, in the morning as your skin care routine’s first step and second, before sleeping at night.

It can also be the first method in your double-cleansing method while removing make-up from your face at the end of the day.

Even if you find that they cost slightly more than what you would usually spend on your skin care products, remember that it is worth the investment. A little goes a long way so a tube or tub can last you for months, and they are safe for your skin too.