New York Fashion Week: Return of jewels


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Designers also made dustings of crystals and gemstones on their clothing lines .

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Washington: Seems like, jewels have made a comeback in the fashion world, New York Fashion Week has seen to it .

The ramp at the Fashion Week was splashed with crystals and gemstones . Two of the renowned designers presented their new collection of shoes loaded with jewels .

One of the designers, Jason Wu, has proven that sparkle never goes out of fashion . He has given a decorative touch to his collection with colours drawn from gemstones and rhinestones to add a dash of sparkle .

Wu, inspired by modernist jewellery, called the mix of clothes, shoes with jewels an "unexpected" new touch on textures, "where the traditional elements were broken apart as a deconstructed version of classic glamour" .

The other of the two designers, Paul Andrew, took to glitter gulch for his new collection . He created shoes and boots embellished with crystals, gemstones, and rhinestones .

From high-heels to flat slip-ons to classic red suede pump, Andrew played with all styles and gave a glittery gulch to everything in his collection .

The designer believes that his inspiration though much wider includes bold red, black, and white palette inspired by the paintings of Robert Motherwell .

Beside shoes, the designers also made dustings of crystals and gemstones on their clothing lines .