Sneak a ‘pleat’

The Asian Age.  | Veena Ashiya

Life, Fashion

The sneaker never goes out of style. Why not mix things up by pairing it with the whole nine yards?

Pair your saree with a crop top, denim and white sneakers.

Seeing how the way athleisure as a trend is picking up, it’s not surprising to see women wearing sneakers with their daily outfits. White sneakers have come to become a trend and make a statement. And by the looks of it, it is here to stay! Whether it’s sneakers with jeans, with dresses or jumpsuits, sneakers are now being paired with them all. Something that has been picking up pace of late is wearing a saree with sneakers. Sounds unusual? You have got to try it out.

Sarees, as we all know is something that can make a lady look elegant and beautiful. The versatility of a saree is so varied. You can play around with drapes and colours, making one saree look completely different in each drape. There are so many different ways of styling a saree these days without looking like you’re wearing one from your grandmother’s closet. Plain cotton sarees are a perfect option for the summer. Pair it with a printed crop top or a Rajasthani jacket or you can try wearing the saree as a skirt with a boyfriend shirt and complete the look with your favourite sneakers. This is one of the many cool ways to style it. It’s a rage all over, right from Bollywood’s Jacqueline Fernandez  to the ramps at fashion week.

If you’re wondering where you could wear it, well, sky is the limit. A night out can get monotonous with the same old dresses and stilettos. And very uncomfortable through the night with those high heels. Sneakers with jeans or dresses is however, plain jane and if you want to be the head turner at the party you have to dare to be different. Try combining your skinny jeans and saree with a mid-riff bearing crop top and your favourite sneakers and get ready to have all eyes on you. If you’re feeling experimental, try metallic or glitter sneakers with the outfit.

There is really no right or wrong way to sport this style. You just have to be yourself and be comfortable in it and you will rock this trend. Now, start pulling out all your mom’s sarees and start mixing and matching with your crop tops and most importantly with your favourite white sneakers.

– The writer is a fashion enthusiast and marketing manager at Monrow