Glassy shine for our skin

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Experts break down the popular ‘glass skin’ routine, a seven-step process that illuminates the skin from within

Korean beauty ‘glass skin’ routine has sparked the intrigue of many. A lengthy seven-step procedure that guarantees flawless skin, experts suggest

With the warmer weather come clogged pores, acne, and untimely breakouts. And while there are endless variety of skincare routines and solutions, the Korean beauty ‘glass skin’ routine has sparked the intrigue of many. A lengthy seven-step procedure that guarantees flawless skin, experts suggest going through the procedure depending upon your skin type.

“The products you use have to be alcohol-free as it dries out the skin; best is to use fruit essential products. And more than the age, it has to do with the skin type. If one has acne-prone skin, it is first advised to fix that,” warns Menka Kripalani, founder and cosmetologist at Nicci Skincare.

According to Khushboo Giri, makeup artist and founder of UrbanGlamour, if done religiously not only will it change the skin complexion, it will also remove the spots. “The key is consistency. Even two times a week, morning and evening will yield results,” she says.

Besides every step being done twofold, this seven-step facial also requires patience. Listing the steps for the morning routine, Giri explains, “Start with cleansing by using a face wash, then apply a toner and let the skin absorb it first. Then, spray the toner once more, after which comes the sheet mask depending upon your skin type, and it is a must for the glass skin facial. After the sheet mask comes the serum that acts as a booster and works at a cellular level. It goes deep inside your skin and works on wrinkles and dull skin. Then, apply a good amount of moisturiser.”

While the make-up artist advises applying SPF15 sunscreen even when indoors, she adds that massaging using a jade roller is equally essential. “Use the roller in an upward motion from chin to the eye. It uplifts the skin, helps in regulating the blood circulation, and sends the moisturiser to every pore of the skin,” she adds.

As for the night, Giri advocates starting with double-cleansing, first with massage oil and then with cleansing milk to help remove the excess oil from the massage. “Then comes scrubbing, but the exfoliation has to be gentle. Once done with that, use toner seven times, let the skin absorb it, and apply a sheet mask. Then serum, and end with a night cream,” she lists, adding that applying an under eye cream will give better results.  

However, Kripalani warns against over-exfoliation as that can lead to dry skin. “Maintaining the natural oil of your skin is when you get the shine on the skin. So it is important to very mildly exfoliate your skin on the superficial level and not that deep,” says the cosmetologist, adding, “Even over massaging will lead to sagging skin. And if done in the right amount, it will tighten the skin, remove the toxins, and regulate blood circulation.”

Now since under quarantine, Kripalani has a few home remedies up her sleeves and suggests using aloe vera and glycerin as a serum and a combination of sugar or coffee with lime as a substitute for scrubs. “For dry skin, use ghee, olive, or coconut oil as a moisturiser. As for the face mask, use a combination of gram flour, curd, turmeric, and rose water. But above anything else, it is important to have a nourishing diet as well. A lot of water intake is a must for the skin to produce natural oil,” she concludes