A fest for one and all at India Dance Week

The Asian Age.  | Sandip Soparrkar

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The show opened with over 2000 people waiting for the entry of Bollywood dancing legend Helen, who came to light the inaugural lamp.

Bollywood dancing legend Helen dances to the tune of Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja at the India Dance Week.

A Dancer is a dancer and it does not matter which style they practice, a heart of a dancer is the same. Last month, on April 29, was the very famous “International Dance Day” this is one special day for all dancers, dance lovers and dance enthusiast where each and everyone who loves the art of dance comes out and celebrates their involvement in the art.

Be it kids, youngsters or seniors or be it thin, fat, tall or stout or even the rich or the poor person. Dance celebration does not see background or community of a dancer. Dance only sees dance.

Keeping this fact in mind that dancers have the same heart. I launched “India Dance Week” four years back. I feel humbled to inform you that this dance festival is the only dance festival of India were Indian classical, Indian folk, international folk, Ballet, Ballroom, Latin dances, Hip Hop, Contempo-rary, Jazz, Bollywood and ma-ny more dances all come tog-ether on one single platform.

All these years “India Dance Week” has been hosted by Phoenix Market City Kurla in Mumbai, this year the winner trophy was unveiled by national award winning actress Neetu Chandra. Who before uncovering the trophy and logo danced to hit superhit song Adaa from film Garam Masala leaving the crowed asking for more .

The show opened with over 2000 people waiting for the entry of Bollywood dancing legend Helen, who came to light the inaugural lamp. When the diva appeared on stage she was welcome with a surprise dance and she surprised us even more when she gracefully moved and swayed to her hit song Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja leaving the audience totally spellbound. When she danced the crowd could not stop cheering for her and her iconic moves. The Queen of Cabaret declared the India Dance Week Season 4 and what followed were series of dances from various parts of India and the world hosted perfectly by former Miss India and Miss Tourism the very gorgeous Priyanka Shah.

Uma Rele’s Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidhyala presented a mix of beautifully blended Bhataynatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kathak, along with few Indian folk dances. Then there were Villoo Bharucha School of Ballet showcasing not just the French style Ballet “Pas-de-Trios” but also the Swan Lake Ballet respectively. Brian Fernandes Dance Academy presented Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz Funk, B Boying and Broadway. There were also demonstration of few popular Latin and Ballroom dances: English Waltz, Cuban Rumba, Samba, Argentinean Tango, Cha Cha Cha and Jive.

There were two styles of Flamenco performed by leading Flamenco expert from Mumbai Shehzeen Cassum and her team of Shehzeen Cassum Flamenco Academy, they danced the style called “Tangos”, which is a lively four count rhythm.

In our country we have various Indian classical dance festivals, there are also folk dance festivals, there are many Salsa festivals and also festivals dedicated to modern and contemporary dances, but “India Dance Week” is one celebration of Dance where the motto is not to divide dancers as per their dance forms they practise but to unite them and their hearts as one. Because like it is said “A dancers is a dancer does not matter what dance they do.”

The writer is a well-known Ballroom dancer. He can be contacted on sandipsoparrkar06@gmail.com.