Woman with no libido allows husband to cheat on her


She allows him to have sex with other women provided he follows her rules!

A woman decided to let her husband sleep with other women after she lost interest in sex. (Representative Image)

She allows him to have sex with other women provided he follows her rules!

One woman has been unusually generous towards her husband’s sexual needs by letting him cheat on her after she lost her desire for sex post delivering her two children. She believes that doing this will help keep their marriage going.

Amy Jones, 30, from Leeds confesses that taking care of her newborn left her so tired and that she simply had no energy or inclination to sleep with her husband, 32-year-old Ryan Jones. “I know if couples keep to strict rules it can get you through trying times and the arrangement can make you love each other even more when your sex drives return,” she told the Daily Mail.

Amy, who works as seamstress, says that she and her husband would have sex on a daily basis right up till her delivery but after the baby was born her “sex drive had ground to a halt”. But this isn’t the first time that the couple had opted for an open relationship to save their marriage. They chose to have the same arrangement when she lost her sexual appetite after the birth of their first child as well. When she first suggested the idea to Ryan, he says that he was ‘shocked at first but she kept pushing and for me it was about a release.’ Amy’s sex drive returned twelve months later.

Contrary to what one might expect Amy did not feel insecure or jealous about sharing her husband with someone else. “I knew Ryan loved me and wanted our family to grow so I said to him he could have sex with another woman or sext girls but only if he kept to my rules,” she says.

However, Amy insisted on certain conditions that Ryan had to follow in order to have sex outside marriage. “I insisted naturally on safe sex and also said he could sext girls but would have to show me his phone and let me check his emails and texts and Facebook messages,” she reveals. Moreover, Ryan is allowed to sleep only once with a woman, so that there’s no danger of a serious relationship developing. "I know people will say but "you're in this together and for better and for worse" but my view is if we trust each other so much and it's worked before what's the harm!” she reasons.