Amit Shah sounds 2021 poll bugle in Assam, says only a BJP govt can stop infiltration

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He said that the government was extending a financial assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh each to 8,000

Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivers a speech during the ceremonial program of Assam Darshan, at Amingaon in Kamrup district, Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020. (PTI)

Guwahati: Union Home Minister Amit Shah here on Saturday sounded the poll bugle by saying that the state's two biggest problems---infiltration and floods could be resolved only by the BJP government in Assam.

Asserting that only BJP government can stop infiltration, which affects our culture, arts, and snatches away opportunities from youth Mr Shah, who is on a 3-day visit to Assam and Manipur to oversee poll strategies of BJP in the 2021 elections, accused Congress of doing nothing to protect the rich culture of the state.

"Congress didn't do anything for the birthplace of Acharya Sankardev whose contributions gave recognition to Assam's history, drama writing, arts and poetry. But BJP believes in strengthening of language, culture, arts of the states," he said.

The Union Home Minister further said, “BJP believes that India cannot achieve greatness until the culture and language of states are strengthened. India's culture and arts are incomplete without Assamese culture and arts.”

In an obvious reference to the Congress regime, Mr Shah said that there was a period of movements in Assam when many agitations were launched over different issues in which hundreds of youths were killed. The peace of Assam was disturbed and the development was halted, he added.

Asserting that state's biggest problems are two - infiltration and floods Mr Shah said that Congress or any other parties cannot stop infiltration. “Infiltration affects our culture, arts and snatches away opportunities from our youth,” said Shah while addressing a public rally at Amingaon.

He said, “All separatists groups have slowly left the path of violence and joined the mainstream. Bodo youth who used to carry guns are now joining the mainstream. Recently conducted polls saw 80 per cent voting without a single incident of violence. This pair of BJP leader---chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal and minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has crossed several hurdles in the story of Assam's progress. People of Assam will give the mandate to BJP in 2021.”

“The Bodoland election...was only a semi-final. Now the final is ahead. In the Assam polls, we will have a full majority. The Sonowal-Himanta combination has worked wonders for Assam,” he said.

He sought to evoke 16th-century Assamese cultural icon Srimanta Sankaradeva to recall the richness of the state's culture and history, which, he said, will give it a new beginning.

Lauding the initiative of BJP government to support and develop the state's traditional Vaishnavite monasteries, Mr Shah said that it would led to social transformation in Assam's villages that would also stop young people from taking up arms.

He said that the government was extending a financial assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh each to 8,000 "Namghars", the state's traditional Vaishnavite monasteries, that are over 50 years old.

Mr Shah also laid the foundation stone for the second medical college in Guwahati, nine new law colleges and 'Batadrava Than'.