Roshan Baig's personal opinion: Dy CM Parameshwara on 'buffoon' comment


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Congress leader Roshan Baig has also said that he feels sorry for his leader, Rahul Gandhi because of all these things.

'As far as his statement is concerned it is his individual personal opinion so you should ask him. It is not the party's opinion or assessment,' Karnataka Deputy CM G Parameshwara (Photo: PTI | File)

Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara on Tuesday slammed Congress leader Roshan Baig for his claim that both state unit president Dinesh Gundurao and Congress Legislature Party CLP leader Siddaramaiah should be blamed for the "flop poll campaign" in the state.

Parameshwara said that it is Baig's personal opinion and not the party's opinion or assessment.

"As far as his statement is concerned it is his individual personal opinion so you should ask him. It is not the party's opinion or assessment," Parameshwara said while being asked about Roshan Baig's reported comments about Gundurao and Siddaramaiah.

Baig, who is at loggerheads with the Congress party after not getting a ticket to contest the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls, slammed Gundurao and Siddaramaiah asserting that "these two leaders should be held responsible if Congress doesn't perform well in the general elections."

Roshan Baig on Tuesday also called his party leader KC Venugopal a "buffoon".

"KC Venugopal is a buffoon. I feel sorry for my leader Rahul Gandhi ji. Buffoons like Venugopal, the arrogant attitude of Siddaramaiah and the flop show of Gundu Rao...The result is this," he told the media in Bengaluru.

Asked whether Congress should have given more thought before giving portfolios in the state, Baig said, "Portfolios were sold. How can I blame Kumaraswamy for it? He wasn't allowed to function. From day one Siddaramaiah said 'I'm going to be the Chief Minister'. You have gone to their doorstep to form the government."

Amid all this, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has also cancelled his scheduled visit to Delhi.

Later when a reporter questioned whether Siddaramaiah is responsible for the "collapse" of the government, Baig replied, "Yes. He is responsible."

Baig further alleged that "no seats were given to Christians and only one seat was given to Muslims in Karnataka."

"They were ignored. I am upset with this, we have been used," he said.

Parameshwara further spoke about Congress general secretary KC Venugopal's visit to Bengaluru and said: "Venugopal is Karnataka Congress in-charge, he has to take stock of the political situation. There is a political development, everyone knows about it and there is nothing to hide. When results are out, he will discuss our options with senior leaders and take it forward from there."

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister further showed disappointment over the attitude of the Centre in handling drought situation in the state. "It is unfortunate that we have received just Rs 900 crore against Rs 4,000 crore allocated to Maharashtra. We have submitted a memorandum of Rs 2,600 crore. The Government of India is not treating Karnataka in a proper perspective," Parmeshwara said.

Amidst the speculation of a rift between Congress and JD(S) alliance in the state, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has canceled his visit to New Delhi to meet Election Commission, along with the 21 opposition parties, over the issue of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM).

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