PM Modi Accuses TMC of Opposing Ram Navami, Supporting Infiltration

The Asian Age.  | Rajib Chowdhuri

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Modi took Banerjee head on over the Ram Navami celebration after the TMC chief cautioned people of the possibility of a “riot”

Tensions escalate as PM Modi accuses TMC of hindering Ram Navami celebrations and patronizing infiltration, while CM Mamata Banerjee warns against BJP's alleged provocations and electoral strategies. (PTI)

Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday tore into West Bengal’s ruling Trinamul Congress for “opposing” the Ram Navami celebration and the Citizenship Amendment Act implementation in the state, but patronising the infiltration of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas across the border.

Mr Modi took chief minister Mamata Banerjee head on over the Ram Navami celebration after the TMC chief cautioned people of the possibility of a “riot” on Wednesday during the Hindu festival. Incidentally, both were in North Bengal and crossed swords against each other from their Lok Sabha election campaign rallies in separate districts of the region.

Mr Modi said at Balurghat in South Dinajpur: “This is the first Ram Navami when Ram Lalla has come to his existence at his temple in Ayodhya. I am aware that the TMC, however, tries all out every year to stop the Ram Navami celebration. They hatched all types of conspiracies but the truth always wins.”

Referring to a Calcutta high court order allowing the Ram Navami rally in Howrah, the PM added: “Court has granted permission. Tomorrow processions will be taken out with respect and devotion. I congratulate you for this.”

He later told another BJP rally, at Raiganj in North Dinajpur: “Law cannot decide what should get permission or not in Bengal under TMC rule. It is the miscreants and extortionists of the TMC who take the call. In Bengal, Ram Navami procession does not get permission.”

Mr Modi alleged: “One has to move the court for this. But the TMC government has given permission to those who pelt stones on the Ram Navami and Durga Puja processions.”

Earlier, Ms Banerjee accused the BJP of spreading fake videos on the Ram Navami violence in the past in the state. She claimed: “I want to tell my minority brothers and sisters that if you find sloganeering on April 17, it is their day to start riots. However, I want it to be a day of respect for people, a day of unity. Even if they abuse you, stay calm and pray to Allah and ask for them to be packed off.”

The CM pointed out: “Don't fall for any provocation. We have to keep the peace. They want to create riots and bring in the National Investigation Agency so that voting does not happen and they can rig the polls.”

On the CAA and infiltration, Mr Modi said: “The TMC has put Bengal on a lease to the infiltrators and criminals. It has given permission to infiltrators, including Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, to derail the demography and legal system of Bengal. That’s why the Bengal government gives protection to the infiltrators and opposes the CAA which is for giving citizenship to the legitimate migrants.”

He elaborated: “TMC does not want citizenship be given to them to protect its vote bank. Thus it has put a bet on the future of Bengal. You shouldn't fall for their rumors. You have to punish the TMC for its sin by pressing the button of Lotus.”

Ms Banerjee argued: “If the BJP thought they were winning, they would not engage in such a level of lies and propaganda. The BJP will not win this time. They will not even get more than 200 seats. In Bengal, we will win the battle.”

She observed: “In Tamil Nadu, Stalin will win. In Punjab, Arvind will win. In Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh will win. The BJP will be reduced to zero as they inflicted suffering upon the people. I promise that we will remove the BJP from the country. This is our pledge.”