Congress slams government over rise in terrorism cases

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How terrorists who fled are not being extradited, asked the Congresss leader.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi (Photo: PTI/File)

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Wednesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the rise in cases of terror and ceasefire violations.

The party has termed the defence and foreign policies of this government “inconsistent” and “directionless”. Playing an old video of Mr Modi, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi, sought answers from the Prime Minister. Dr Singhvi said, “The 56 inches is only in talk, on paper. Modi government’s directionless policy on national security has created a disquiet on the border.”

On Tuesday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had taken to Twitter demanding answers from the government over its Kashmir policy. Mr Gandhi had tweeted, “PDP says ‘talks’ with Pakistan. BJP defence minister says ‘Pakistan will pay the price’. While our soldiers pay with their blood for BJP/PDP’s opportunistic alliance and non-existent Kashmir policy; Modi Ji dithers.”

Making it clear that Congress stands resolutely behind brave jawans and world-class Army of the country while denouncing Pakistan, Dr Singhvi added, “But how long can we ignore that a directionless, irresolute, inconsistent, zig-zag, arbitrary foreign and defence policy is going to endanger our brave jawans.”

He said that Pakistan which had done 543 ceasefire violations earlier now was doing 2,555 violations, a fivefold increase.

The Congress leader demanded from the government as to why and how terrorists entered the country and attacked defence installations amid tight security under the Modi government.

He also asked him how they were getting their arms and ammunition and the funding under this government. What the government intelligence network was doing to intercept communications of terrorists. How terrorists who fled are not being extradited, asked the Congresss leader.