On birthday, 107-yr-old woman wishes to meet 'handsome' Rahul; he calls her

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The Congress president gave a 'big hug' to the birthday girl on twitter and called her to wish her personally.

The 107-year-old woman had a wish to meet 47-year-old Congress president Rahul Gandhi on her birthday. (photo: File)

New Delhi: The 107-year-old woman had a wish to meet 47-year-old young Gandhi family member and Congress president Rahul Gandhi on her birthday on Monday.

Her granddaughter, who tweeted the reason why her grandmother wished to meet Rahul, the birthday girl quipped and whispered that she finds him 'handsome'.

The tweet was accompanied by a photograph of the birthday girl, and was tagged to the twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi.

The newly-elected Congress chief responded to the tweet after a few hours.

Rahul had signed the little message, conveying his wishes and a "big hug" and this time the tweet was by the Congress president himself and not by his pet dog Pidi.

Later in the evening, Sikand took to Twitter and said that Rahul had called the girl’s grandmother and wished her 'personally'.

A relatively new entrant on Twitter compared to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a section of his ministers, Rahul’s tweets had created a stir earlier. In a post directed at his detractors, Rahul had claimed his pet dog Pidi was responsible for the tweets.

In his tweets, Rahul has attacked the BJP and its leaders and on occasion revealed his interests - like photos of him practicing Aikido, a form of Japanese martial arts.