After Yogi’s success, seers keen to run for 2019 polls

The Asian Age.  | Amita Verma

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Swami Chinmayanand, in fact , was minister of state for home in the Atal Behari government.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath as UP chief minister is apparently becoming an inspiration for other saints and seers to try their luck in politics.

If sources are to be believed, an increasing number of saints are keen to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019 on a BJP ticket and if they succeed, the next Lok Sabha may see a larger splash of saffron.

A saint from the Bada Udasin Akhara in Allahabad, who spoke to this correspondent on condition of anonymity, said, “There is no harm in saints contesting the elections. Yogi Adityanath has proved that a saint can manage his religious and political duties without compromising on either of them. In fact, Yogi Adityanath is one of those political leaders who do not have a single blot on his image.”

However, he refused to disclose names of saints who are believed to be eager to step into politics. “It is too early to make any such disclosures,” he stated.

The saints feel that their acceptability in the political field has grown over the years. “Dr Ram Vilas Vedanti, Swami Chinma-yanand and Yogi Adityan-ath have proved to be successful politicians and there is no reason why more saints should not contest the upcoming election. It would give a sharper edge to BJP’s Hindutva plank,” said another saint from the Juna Akhara.

Swami Chinmayanand, in fact , was minister of state for home in the Atal Behari government.

The UP BJP chose to remain non-committal on the issue and a party spokesman said that the matter would be decided by the party’s parliamentary board.

However, Rajendra Dikshit, a party worker from Ayodhya said that the party should not have any reservations on fielding saints in the upcoming elections.

“Computer Baba in MP, who enjoys the rank of minister there, has expressed his desire to contest elections. Why can’t saints from UP also be asked to contest elections too?” he asked.